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3D Rose Shape Foaming Facial Cleanser And Makeup Remover

2018-08-14 14:02:44

100% Brand New and high quality Rose Foaming Facial Cleanser! Item Specifics: Ultra-dense bubble, emitting a touch of rose fragrance, skin care, high moisture, washed will not feel tight collapse Before use, please shake the bottle, and then gently press the bottle cap, not too much force, roses modeling mousse can appear.

KEEP CALM AND FRESHEN ON: A moisturizing cleanser from fresh rose water that calms and soothes aggravated skin.
WHY HAVE DRY SKIN, WHEN IT CAN BE MOIST: Rose Water and other botanical ingredients provide additional nutrition to your epidermis that gives you a sensational moist feeling without dryness after cleansing.
BUBBLES, BUBBLES, BUBBLES!!! Cleanse away with the power of creamy bubbles that soak deep into your skin, producing a rich, dense foam that can even be used on sensitive skin.
PROTECTS AS WELL AS SHINES: It removes skin impurities and creates a protective layer over the epidermis, while also removing dead cells making the skin smooth and bright.


 Item:Rose Foaming Facial Cleanser Type: Cleanser Formulation: Foam Skin Type: All Skin Types Color: white Capacity:150ml

How to use:

Snake the bottle thoroughly and place it standing Up.Simultaneously Push Down on the Pink Buttons on either side of the Bottle.Let foam grow to around 3 cm (1 inch) height and then release the Buttons.
3D rose bubble wash,Foam cleanser.

Our Rose Foaming Facial Cleanser is an ideal solution to calm sensitive skin and apply moisture simultaneously. Our cleanser is great for any type of skin and effectively removes impurities left behind by makeup and other products!

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