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How to choose the right makeup mirror?

2019-01-04 17:04:56

No matter how ugly you are, as long as your own mirror looks good, the mood of this day is very good. Do you have any feelings like me? A good make-up mirror can make a big difference in your appearance. Choose the Makeup Mirror that suits you best and make yourself more confident!

A successful makeup depends on the product you choose, but it also lies in your makeup technique and the individual's evaluation of the appearance. Even if you choose to install a wall mirror, you still need a small magnifying glass to make up. Let's take a look at how to choose a good makeup mirror.

Choose the right makeup mirror
When price becomes an important factor in your choice of mirrors, then avoid choosing some very gorgeous mirrors, but remembering that proper magnification is a key factor in perfecting your makeup routine.



The most common make-up mirror is 5 times larger than usual, but if your pores are very small, you should choose to enlarge a larger multiple, 10 times or even 12 times, in order to achieve a perfect makeup. Using a magnifying glass will also help you find cockroaches early. It is also very helpful when you use eyebrows to repair eyebrows.

The right lamp is also very important. You can find a lot of great makeup mirrors that need power, even without any restrictions, you can put them at home or take them with you and use them in the hotel.

The best makeup mirror - rotating
Although you can use a wall mirror and a small simple magnifying mirror, you can use a more perfect rotating mirror. The 8x magnification makeup mirror is a great choice, and the double-sided rotating makeup mirror is a double-sided makeup mirror that can help you perfect your face makeup at any time.



The best make-up mirror - with LED lights to eliminate the traditional makeup mirrors that are surrounded by light bulbs, because it allows you to start sweating before you finish makeup. Choose a modern LED light makeup mirror that doesn't emit any heat that causes your makeup to melt.

Recommend a typical rotating LED, 10x magnification mirror, featuring brighter and clearer mirror images. The light around the vanity mirror is an LED energy-saving light that illuminates your entire face, allowing you to perfectly complete your entire look and improve the precision of using the tweezers.



The best makeup mirror - with decoration
If you want to choose a makeup mirror for a star. The optics can be selected to be clearly magnified 10 times and clearly displayed from side to side without any distortion. The makeup mirror allows you to zoom in on the makeup, allowing you to complete the entire face perfectly.


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