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How to use female hair spray

2018-09-07 16:56:16

Want to create a perfect hair style, and ultimately, the help of hair gel. The hair gel is light and even if it is applied to the hair, it does not increase the importance of the hair. So if you want to create a variety of lightweight, stable hair style, hair gel is your best choice. So, how do women hair gels work?
How to make hair with hairspray
1. First spray the hair with water and then dry the hair to 9 minutes. The back hair should be blown against the direction;
2, pull the hair back, and then use a hair dryer to heat the hair roots, the hair will have a shaping effect after being heated, do not let the hair open when heated, wait until after cooling, then let go, use more behind the hair dryer The suction port reduces the waiting time for cooling;
3. Spray the hair spray on the hands and rub the hands to each other to be transparent;
4, evenly apply to the hair with hair gel, remember to apply the hair gel to the entire hair;
5. Use your fingers to slowly grab the lines you want on your hair.
6. When you catch it, be patient, grasp it bit by bit, and grab your hair into the shape you want;
7. After you have done it, if you want to keep your hair style longer, you can spray some shaping water on your hair. It is also skillful to set the water. You can use another hand to block the part you don't want to spray. This will prevent the hair from getting too hard due to too much styling solution.
Precautions for using hair spray
Hair Moisturizer Spray Freeze Hair Spray Best Hairspray To Hold Curls Curly Hair Spray Good Hairspray
Hair Moisturizer Spray Freeze Hair Spray Best Hairspray To Hold Curls Curly Hair Spray Good Hairspray


1. Before using the hair spray, make sure that the nozzle of the hair spray is not glued. Otherwise, the hair spray will not squirt out of the bottle like a mist, but will stick out.
2. If you want hair to be more plentiful, do the following: head down, shake your hair, then pull your hair back, don't use too much force. Lift up a strand of hair, spray a little hair gel from a little closer to the bottom, and then spray the hair after the hair gel has dried.
3, to the advice of Bobo head women: gently lift the outside hair, from a certain angle to the hair at a certain angle. This will give good shape to the beveled hair.
4. If the scalp is sensitive, please note that the hair gel contains alcohol, which can cause the hair and scalp to dry out. Then you can only use hair gel in the hair.
5, want hair shaping, but also to make it elastic, you can spray a large area of ​​hair above the hair, then insert a hair roller on the hair, use a hair curler or use a hair straightener to straighten the hair, and then spray more The hair gel is completely shaped. The hairstyles in performances or large fashion events are all made this way.
6, the right amount of hair gel can also help fight the hair roots. If the bangs have problems with oil, you must know this skill. Simply pull out the freshly washed bangs, place it on top of a small round brush, keep your hair away from the skin, and apply a little hair spray.
7. If it is oily hair, do not use hair gel (very bright, shiny, glossy) that can increase the brightness of the hair.
8. If you have a few hairs that are not compliant, you can spray a little hair gel in your hand and then smooth your hair with your hands.


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