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Is hair always bad? First you have to choose a good comb that suits you.

2019-02-20 13:26:17

Everyone knows that the comb is important for the maintenance of the hair. Hairdresser Maris Moeller from Hamburg, Germany once said: "To maintain good hair care, you need to use a variety of different combs. When buying a comb, you should pay attention to the feeling of the scalp when combing your hair." Choosing the right care product is important, but choosing a good comb will make hair care easier. Today's Ge Runfen small class, Ge Ge hands to teach you how to choose a suitable comb for yourself~


Combs were handed down in the ancient Chinese civilization era, invented by the Xuanyuan Huangdi's Wang Hao, Fang Lei's inspired fish bones, originally named because of wood, also known as wooden comb. Is it better to comb the comb? Certainly not. A good comb should give you a good feel, so that you can feel the comfort of the hair and scalp when you use it.

The correct method of combing hair has the effect of health care. The head of the person has many acupuncture points, and the head is the "head of all the yangs". The twelve meridians of the human body and the seven verses and eight veins also meet here. There are dozens of acupoints on the head, about 1/4 of the acupuncture points of the whole body, and there are more than ten specific stimulation zones. Using the comb as a medium, massage the corresponding acupuncture points, not only can stimulate blood circulation, but also strengthen the roots and dredge the meridians.



So don't take a break from the little tricks of everyday life. As long as the scalp is healthy, the human head is naturally natural and the skin will follow better. Gege wants to remind that the strength of the hair is to be light and heavy, with "no pain" as the standard. Whether it is men, women and children, long hair, short hair or even bald heads, you can always comb your hair, everyone can do it.


During the combing process of the hair, by stimulating the acupoints of “Baihui”, “Sishencong” and “Shangxing”, the blood flow at the root of the hair can be increased, the activity of melanocytes can be enhanced, and the melanocytes of the hair bulb can be increased. The quantity, Ufa's "nutrition" can be supplemented. It can be seen that combing hair is very important for developing a hair.




Many Fins are always concerned about how to care for their hair. In fact, combing is a very good way to care for hair and massage the scalp, but the choice of comb is very important. Combs of different styles and materials are used. Not the same, only the right choice and use of the comb, in order to comb more smooth hair.

Gege analyzes what features of the common comb styles are:

1 large plate comb

Those who are afraid of losing hair must use a large board comb, which is an indispensable tool for not hurting hair! Before taking a bath, in the case of dry hair, first slowly comb down from the hair root to the end of the hair, massage the scalp with an air cushion, and comb all the hair to reduce the hair loss.


2 ceramic round comb

Want to blow out a doll-like wavy hair, or a bangs style with a thick retro style? Then the ceramic round comb is your tool of choice! It can blow more hair than itself, because of its high temperature resistance, it can be used instead of a coil, and it can be blown with a shiny, flexible curl. But be sure to blow your hair while the hair is completely dry and apply hair oil.

3 wooden round comb

Wooden round comb has always been the favorite of professional hair stylists! Pig bristle can prevent static electricity, it is very suitable for dry winter use. In addition, pig hair can bring the natural oil of the scalp along the combing action to the hair tail, and also massage the scalp, not only the pores at the hair root are not easy. Blocked by grease, it also gives the hair a natural shiny glow.


4 ventilation comb

This comb is a good choice for a good time. The ventilated design, while blowing on one side and combing it, accelerates drying. However, in the case of wet hair, the hair scales are not completely closed, the hair loss will be quite serious, and it can not blow the perfect shape, at most straight.

5 wide tooth comb

Wide-toothed comb is a good friend of curly girls! Its pitch is wider than that of a normal comb, which prevents dry and knotted hair from being pulled and broken. If you find that your hair is knotted when you take a bath, use a wide-toothed comb to comb it from the root of the hair to make it easy to comb. After washing it, use it to smooth out the hair flow. Use your fingers to tie the hair with the hair dryer. Curly hair.

6 pointed tail comb
The pointed tail comb is a good tool for hair styling. It can be used for hair splitting. The pointed part of the hair comb can take care of the twigs and clean the hair. It is a good helper for layering the hair and finding the bangs.




7 shaving comb

The hair that has been meticulously combed has long since exited the trend stage! It’s a little messy now, and a little fluffy hairstyle is what girls love. By using a combing comb with dense comb teeth, countercurrent combing can create a fluffy feel. However, if you are a girl with a soft hair, pay special attention to it. Too rude hair combing can cause hair damage.

In daily life, how should I comb my hair to have a health care effect?

Beginning in the middle of the forehead, the card is combed to the top of the head, the occiput, and the neck in a uniform force. Then, the left and right heads are combed, and the comb teeth are perpendicular to the surface of the head. It is slightly faster, generally 100 times per comb.

Finally, I remind you that you can prepare more than one comb for yourself, because the universal comb can't meet the functions of massaging the scalp and creating various hairstyles at the same time. Rollers of different thicknesses are necessary when using a hair dryer. In addition, a small comb should always be in the handbag. Long-term use of plastic combs can damage the scalp and make the hair rough. It is not recommended for everyone to use.

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