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Moisturizing spray correct use method moisturizing spray when to use

2018-12-05 14:55:35

1, office hydration
Modern office workers stay in air-conditioned rooms all day, and with computer radiation, the skin is easily dry and dehydrated. At this time, a bottle of face mist spray is essential. When you feel the skin is dry, take it and spray it.
2, moisturizing mask
Moisturizing spray can also be used as a mask, and the hydrating effect is very good. After washing your face, put a mask paper into a small container, let the mask paper fully absorb the spray, pay attention to the mask paper to be fully wet, then apply it on the face, OK, and pay attention to the time of application. For a long time, about 8 minutes is enough, so as not to dry the mask paper, but to absorb the moisture on the face.



3, use before makeup
There is also a usage of the spray, which is used before the makeup, so that the makeup can be more docile! Spray on the face with a spray first, then gently press on the tissue after a while, then make up the makeup! This method can effectively avoid the makeup being too dry because the face is too dry.
4, after sun repair
After sun exposure, the temperature will rise and even redness will occur. At this time, you can use a moisturizing spray to cool the skin and soothe the discomfort of the skin, which is a calming and soothing effect. If you have the conditions, you can put the moisturizing spray on the ice in the refrigerator, the effect is better!



5, spray when making mud film
Every time, we will deeply clean the skin through a mud mask. The mud film is very easy to dry, the application time is too short, it is not effective, the application is too long and it is too dry to hurt the skin and form wrinkles. Therefore, the moisturizing spray can come in handy. When making the mud film, if the time is still Didn't arrive, but the mud film feels dry already. At this time, spray a moisturizing spray to cleanse the skin and keep the skin supple!


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