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How to use Hair Color Spray? Gently spray with ideal hair color

2019-07-12 14:01:12

How to use Hair Color Spray? Gently spray with ideal hair color.Let's take a look at it together.

Hair dyeing has raised our hair style to a gorgeous and popular fashion. Many hair styles have become more pleasing under the beautiful hair color and the popularity has increased dramatically. Let's take a look at how to use disposable hair spray?

How to use a disposable hair color spray
1. Cover well before use to avoid spraying to other places; if it is accidentally sprayed to the clean water, the clothes can be washed with a little detergent and can be cleaned.

2, keep dry hair, spray about the amount of attention around 15cm.

3, after uniform coloring, wait 1~3 minutes to dry naturally, or use a hair dryer to cool the air gently; (Note: it is not easy to fade after the hair spray is dry) (The color similar to the color of the hair will be sprayed Not obvious, please pay attention to the color when selecting)

4, after completely dry, the sprayed parts will have a slight shaping effect, can be combed gently with a comb (the hair will lose excess toner when combing)

5, this is the short hair after the combing effect: short hair above the ear, can be sprayed directly after the color, you can not comb the long hair: wave head / long hair, etc., according to the use of chic after combing, will naturally Some, it is not recommended that the innermost layer of hair is also sprayed.



Disposable hair dye spray tips
STEP1, after shampooing, use a hair dryer to blow all the hair back, so that the top of the head is erected and the sides are docile. Take a proper amount of matte hair wax, open it in the palm of your hand, and keep the product between your fingers.

STEP2, finger micro-sheet, from the hair part to comb the hair back and put the product on the hair, making a natural texture flow. Then spray the hair gel to shape.

STEP3, after styling the hair, remove the color spray hair spray, spray the area that needs to be dyed, wait for 10 minutes, the color is dry and does not fade.


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